Walking for Pain Relief

Hi, I’m going to just get started and hopefully as time goes on I will fill in the blanks about why I have started a blog and what I’m hoping to achieve with it!

I am trying to get out for a decent walk every single day unless the weather is too bad. I start every day in considerable pain, hobbling around until my feet decide to join in and bend the way they are supposed to 😃, I have had surgery on both feet to deal with crumbling toe joints and so the 2nd & 3rd toes on both feet are fused together and pinned and get quite stiff, added Fibromyalgia pain & inflammation exacerbates the problem so it takes me a while to get moving each morning! I was on opioid pain killers amongst other drugs for many many years and came off them in February 2017 (I’ll tell you more about that as we go on) since then I have been using dancing and walking in particular to release the body’s endorphins to ease my chronic pain!!

This blog is my journey with that pain every day and I hope that maybe others with chronic or persistent pain will draw encouragement and ideas to help them cope!

I want to tell you about my walks and include photos and information, hints and tips and anything I think might be interesting or helpful to others!

It’s not meant to be a reference just my thoughts and experiences.